Kelly Vedovelli totally fan of Ariana Grande on Instagram!


In her Instagram Story, columnist Kelly Vedovelli said she was totally a fan of singer Ariana Grande!

Kelly Vedovelli is definitely a fan of pop culture! Yesterday, the pretty blonde shared a photo of Ariana Grande …

Depressed during confinement, Kelly Vedovelli got back on track. The pretty blonde has indeed taken the path of social networks to adore Ariana Grande. But also that of television sets.

So, last night, viewers were able to find it in C8 for a live broadcast of C que du Kiff. Present around the table, Maxime Guény, Isabelle Morini-Bosc, Jean-Michel Maire and Jean-Pascal Lacoste.

The former Star Academy candidate is now a columnist. Last night, by the way, the pretty Kelly Vedovelli made a pretty dumpling … about the actor.

While the columnists went around the table to give their opinion on JP, Kelly gave a very… convincing reason! “There he has already started to connect all the girls in the corridors! ”

Yesterday, fans of Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande were in heaven! After months of teasing, the two American popstars have revealed their duo. Fruit of their collaboration.

In fact, the single Rain On Me, from the album Chromatica, was released. The opportunity for fans around the world to listen to this sound. He currently occupies the first place in the American charts.

And it is clear that Kelly Vedovelli is a fan of Ariana Grande. To promote this sound which promises to be THE sound of this end of spring, the pop star has therefore shared a cliché more than equivocal.

Above, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande make a finger of honor. A direct nod to the song Rain On Me.

Indeed, the lyrics are clear. No matter what people say about you, you have to accept who you are and never let anyone dictate what you should be.


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