Kelly Vedovelli loves to be a blonde and is news!


On her Instagram account, Kelly Vedovelli regrets her blonde color. Now brunette, she is nostalgic for her hair.

After being tempted by the brown, Kelly Vedovelli returned to basics: the blonde. She unveils a new photo on Instagram and seduces her fans!

“A woman who cuts her hair is a woman who is about to change her life,” said Coco Chanel, the creator of the house of Chanel.

Could Kelly Vedovelli prove him right? Indeed, the bomb had created a surprise in the fall by unveiling a whole new hairstyle and hair color.

So, the one we were used to seeing blonde, always wearing a pretty bob, was now displayed brown with long hair.

So, it was on the Touche plateau not at my post that the young woman revealed her new face. And the least we can say is that she was unanimous.

But we have to believe that Kelly Vedovelli did not like her new color at all. The Djette of TPMP regretted her legendary blonde.

So, it wasn’t long before she made a new appointment with the hairdresser. Mission? Get her hair back, and fast!

It was once again on the set of C8’s flagship show that the pretty blonde showed her latest crack. All the columnists found her lovely and radiant.

However, the one that was revealed in the music video “Bella” by Master Gims did not find the same type of blonde. Now, this one sports a polar blonde, much whiter than before.


So proud of her new look, Kelly Vedovelli can’t help but take a picture of herself. After all, you have to make your color profitable!

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So the TPMP columnist has just released a new shot on Instagram. On it, she touches her hair with one hand.

So within hours, over 34,000 people hit the “Like” button. It must be said that no one can remain indifferent to Kelly Vedovelli!


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