Kelly Vedovelli, Justin Bieber’s big success


Kelly Vedovelli never concealed that she had a soft spot for Justin Bieber. So when it comes to congratulating him on social media, the pretty blonde doesn’t hesitate for a second.

Remember. Two years ago, Kelly Vedovelli created a buzz on social media when she told a funny anecdote in TPMP. At the time, Cyril Hanouna asked chroniclers to tell a sentimental anecdote.

And when Kelly Vedovelli spoke, internet users and viewers present that evening were shocked. Indeed, the young woman told everyone about her meeting with Justin Bieber.

The planetary popstar has crossed the pretty DJ twice in France. “We are in Paris. And the time we saw each other in Paris I was with some friends and he went to see some of his friends, he said “Bring me her” so already I didn’t like it too much, “Kelly said.

And since once is not customary, Kelly saw Justin Bieber again in Cannes. “I ran into him again in Cannes and there he said, ‘This time dancing for me. I told him ‘Never in my life’. So he was upset and therefore demanded that I leave where he was. It was quite a sad story, ”she concluded.


Since these sad episodes, it seems that water has flowed under the bridges. The proof, yesterday, Kelly Vedovelli took over her Instagram account. To congratulate the singer.

In fact, Justin Bieber is the main hero of Drake’s last clip, in a duet with DJ Khaled. Entitled Popstar, the song is a hit on social networks.

In just 48 hours, the clip has been viewed more than 14 million times. The title is therefore at the top of the trends on YouTube. Just that.

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A nice record shared by DJ Khaled in his Instagram Story. And inevitably, an unconditional fan of music and pop culture Kelly Vedovelli therefore also congratulated the artist by reparting the Story of the American rapper.


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