Kelly Vedovelli insulted by a surfer: she replies!


Kelly Vedovelli is often the target of attacks on social networks, but fortunately the young woman does not fail to respond, even live TPMP. We explain to you!

Indeed, Kelly Vedovelli does not have the easy life at times, the columnist of TPMP is very mediatized. In a short time she became a flagship personality of the show in the image of Agathe Auproux. So she is also the target of attack on the networks, because the celebrity does not have only positive aspects!

So this Friday, November 15, the young woman did not hesitate to put a surfer in his place after his insults. It was about fatophobic about him. Already at the start of the show she explained how to receive attacks very often. “I’m not complaining because it’s me who’s posting me so have to assume,” she said.

Despite everything she undergoes, Kelly Vedovelli wants to stay active on social networks. Then she explains that it will not stop it, on the contrary. That’s not what will stop me. It was heavy. It’s not because it hurts me especially because otherwise I’ll stop posting. Exactly, I prefer to laugh and add and say: “Well yeah, I have this body and I’ll take you”. ”

So Kelly Vedovelli did not let go and answered cash to one of them. “Always to show her ass fat,” commented a young woman under his cliché, which she responded without hesitation. “You are so perfect and so tolerant with my big ass. Well for me, big kisses on yours. She replied!