Kelly Vedovelli: a fan makes a very beautiful portrait of her on Instagram!


A fan draws a superb portrait of Kelly Vedovelli and she shares it on her Instagram account. We tell you everything!

The superb portrait of Kelly Vedovelli drawn by a fan.

Kelly Vedovelli shared a photo on her Instagram account. Indeed, the young woman shared a drawn portrait that a fan would have done to her.

The portrait is a nice drawing of the young woman. Besides, it was none other than the stylist and illustrator Valerie Sabban who drew it.

Indeed, on the sketch the young woman also writes: “Today, I VALERIZED the sublime @kellyvedovelli”. She uses the word “valiser”.

In effect, that means drawing a portrait of a person like Valérie Sabban. Besides, it’s a style that is widely used in fashion.

In any case Kelly Vedovelli validates the drawing. Indeed the young woman shared it on her Instagram account!

Young woman Kelly Vedovelli loves her new portrait drawn by the talented Valerie Sabban. Indeed, the latter had posted it on her Instagram account asking for the opinion of her subscribers.

And also mentioning Kelly Vedovelli. In response to her question, the young woman published it on her own account.

The pretty blonde therefore validates the drawing! The young woman has only recently become active on the social network.

Indeed at the beginning of the confinement she had decided to leave Instagram. Why is that ?

Well, the reason is quite simple. Indeed the young woman preferred to take care of her family.

So she left Instagram. Besides, on her return, it is a different woman that the fans discovered.

Indeed the pretty blonde has become brown again. Since the hairdressers are closed!

It also made subscribers react. “Brown or blonde, the magnificent woman that you are remains the same”. a fan wrote to him.

“Containment is doing you very well. Swings another fan. That is to say that whatever it does, the fans validate. So much the better!


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