Kelly Vedovelli explained the reasons for her departure


After a long absence on his Instagram account, TPMP columnist Kelly Vedovelli finally explains what pushed him to leave!

As you know, Kelly Vedovelli recently disappeared from Instagram. Monday, January 11, the star made his comeback by starting by thanking his fans for their many messages.

Indeed, for more than 3 weeks, Kelly Vedovelli gave no news to her subscribers. She even deleted all of her posts even though there were a lot of them.

But do not panic ! The young woman is doing well. Yesterday, the latter wanted to take stock in her Instagram story. It’s not too soon !

“Hi everyone, I hope you are doing well. It’s been a while since I wanted to make this video for you, ”said Kelly Vedovelli.

Before continuing by thanking his audience for their many messages: “I just wanted to thank you, but really. All the messages that I have received are crazy stuff. I’ve been away for a long time, I admit. I left for 3 weeks. But I’m so happy to see you again. ”


You will no doubt understand, Kelly Vedovelli has therefore received a bunch of messages. And the least we can say is that the young woman still cannot believe her eyes!

“I really wanted to thank you for all the messages I received because… This is so sweet! I didn’t expect it actually, I thought everyone wouldn’t care. But no, I had tons. […] It gives me too much pleasure […]. I have never received so many messages in my life. She exclaimed on Instagram. It must be said that this disappearance was quite brutal …

But Kelly Vedovelli also wanted to give more explanations concerning the reason for this departure. “I was stressed, I was a little nervous at times. I just needed to take a step back. But it’s superficial, nothing serious! »Said the pretty blonde, showing her bitten nails and chipped varnish.

Kelly Vedovelli therefore needed to breathe a bit. And that will have benefited her since she comes back with a brand new project. Thus, she wants to offer new content on her page: “If I deleted all my photos, it’s because I want to come back with new projects to offer you. I don’t see the point of being on Instagram without showing anything interesting, ”she said.

The TPMP columnist has therefore made a remarkable comeback! In addition, the latter also took the opportunity to give news of her dog who turned out to be very ill. And as for his mistress, all is well now. What a relief then.

We therefore wish them that this lasts as long as possible!


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