Kelly Vedovelli With Beautiful Moment Of Tenderness With Her Little Dogs!


On Instagram, Kelly Vedovelli posted a really sweet photo where she reveals a moment of tenderness with her little dogs!

Very often on social networks, Kelly Vedovelli (TPMP) appears with her dogs. The young woman is completely gaga of them and does everything with them. Even the naps! Indeed, this Wednesday, October 9, she posted a new photo on her Instagram account. She appears lying down, eyes closed but also dressed in a very colorful sweater. But that’s not all.

In her arms, the beautiful blonde is also holding her two balls of hair. A small white dog, a spitz (named Pony) and his adorable Yorshire (named Rosie). Both are peacefully seated in Kelly Vedovelli’s arms and sleep like babies. A truly adorable photo that shows the complicity between the djette and his animals. Always pampered, they appear at the top.


With her Instagram photo, she also collected more than 11,800 “likes” in just a few hours. In caption to her shot, Kelly Vedovelli wrote: “Nap with Babies, for once they are wise. With whom do you take your naps? Animals, wife, husband, alone, quiet? “. And in the comments, many fans have not failed to compliment the columnist Touch not my post (TPMP). Even asleep, she always appears sublime.

His subscribers also wrote: “Nice photo Kelly. “You’re too sweet all 3.”, “Pony and rosie are still cute as well nap kelly. “You are almost as beautiful as your two doggies. “, ” It’s so cute. »,« You always have clothes of all colors. Kiff this style. »,« Take a selfie in a nap! Great art. But also “I love it! It’s really cute. Personally, I will also adopt a Chihuahua. Many adorable messages that will not fail to please Kelly Vedovelli!

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