Kelly Vedovelli after the death of a candidate


His death moved many. In fact, the tributes of Internet users but also of certain celebrities did not take long.

Cyril Hanouna’s team therefore brought up the subject on the TPMP set. In fact, the host of the show is launching a debate that will make Internet users react.

He then asks his columnists to say whether or not they think the Koh Lanta broadcast should be stopped. Quickly Kelly Vedovelli let her know what she thought!

Internet users have also been very critical of the debate. Indeed, they consider it inappropriate!


Kelly Vedovelli is therefore in favor of stopping the TF1 show. While most columnists believe that the French channel should continue to broadcast the Koh Lanta adventure show. His opinion ?

The young woman indeed thinks that the candidate risks being criticized. Especially if something bad was going on in the show. Kelly Vedovelli thinks especially of her parents and relatives who will have to face Internet users and their nastiness.

Gilles Verdez is of the same opinion as Kelly Vedovelli. “You imagine if there is controversy around him, it would hurt me. He declares.

The other TPMP columnists are not all of the same opinion. Indeed, some believe that if the show does not air it is almost like a second death for the adventurer. Why ?

You should know that it was his dream to do Koh Lanta. In any case, for the moment there is no need to debate since TF1 will continue to broadcast the program with the agreement of Bertrand-Kamal’s family. The debate is closed.

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Denis Brogniart for his part is also very sad. We can imagine! Indeed he shared his emotion with his fans.


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