Kelly Vedovelli accused of having performed cosmetic surgery: she replies!


Kelly Vedovelli got a rant on Instagram. The star responded to Internet users accusing him of having surgery!

Kelly Vedovelli doesn’t have her tongue in her pocket! And when internet users accuse her of having surgery, the pretty blonde does not hesitate to defend herself.

Kelly Vedovelli made the buzz on the web yesterday. Indeed, the star of TPMP has unveiled a sublime photo in his bath. She then appeared naturally to the delight of her fans. Nevertheless, some internet users took the opportunity to criticize the pretty blonde. According to them, the latter would have abused cosmetic surgery.

In the comments, critics of Kelly Vedovelli were not always very tender. They accuse the columnist of having redone her nose and lying to her fans. A young woman writes as follows: “I don’t understand why you don’t assume that you have redone your nose, the angular ends at the end, it shows …”. And the main interested party obviously didn’t like it!

Kelly Vedovelli was quick to respond to the user’s comment. And it’s pretty straightforward! The star writes: “It may be precisely because I haven’t done it again … bad girl goes, teaches you to do less vulgar make-up 😘”. The message is therefore clear! Kelly does not intend to be carried away by her haters!

This message created a real debate on the star’s Instagram page. Indeed, fans of Kelly Vedovelli flew to the aid of their idol. They did not hesitate to repack the user in turn! Like what, the columnist can count on his followers. More than 600,000 of them follow it every day. Unbelievable ! Despite some criticisms, the pretty blonde is all the rage on the canvas! And surgery or not, Kelly is always radiant on her pictures! And you what do you think ?


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