Kelly Vedovelli, a hair removal session on Instagram


TPMP is back on C8 since Monday! An event that viewers did not miss!Indeed, they were almost half a million in front of their TV! What to delight Cyril Hanouna, happy to find his “little beauties”.

So, Kelly Vedovelli has made his comeback! As much to say to you that the beautiful had prepared it well!

Indeed, the beautiful had shared in story her different treatments. The columnist had therefore redone her eyelashes, eyebrows and manicure!

Kelly Vedovelli even surprised her fans! Indeed, to mark this return, she opted for two new tattoos.

So we could see a wave and a little heart on his ankles! We love !

However, its subscribers are less fans… Indeed, the latter had voted against in its poll!


The beautiful blonde couldn’t do it all this weekend! So, she preferred to do the hair removal a few days after returning to school!

Kelly Vedovelli shares everything with her fans! They were therefore able to see her in full armpit waxing on Instagram!

An opportunity for the beauty to advertise! Indeed, the latter revealed where she got her skin so soft …

And this is not an unknown institute! This is the Champs Elysées clinic where a lot of stars go.

Kelly Vedovelli therefore opted for laser hair removal. According to the columnist, this method does not hurt her at all!

In any case, she is a regular at the clinic. Indeed, the famous Kelly even has her appointed beautician called “Mathilde”.

One thing is certain: the two women get along really well!

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