Kelly Ripa fainted during sex with Mark Consuelos


There’s a reason Kelly Ripa (52) is telling this story! The actress and her husband Mark Consuelos, known for “Riverdale”, have been married since 1996, and their first child was born about a year later. Now she looked back at that time. A few months after giving birth, tele Slava experienced a traumatic experience: Kelly suddenly lost consciousness during sex with Mark!

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the mother of three children spoke about the incident. Due to two cysts in her ovaries, Kelly lost consciousness while making love to Mark. I woke up after that in the hospital. Fortunately, her husband knew what he had to do, which, according to her, should not be taken for granted.

“At that time, no one was talking about supporting women after childbirth and what their body could go through,” Kelly said. She processed all this in her book “Don’t let your husband choose the clothes of your death.” The name also has something to do with the incident. Because when Mark took her to the hospital in 1997, he put a swimsuit on her.


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