Kelly Reilly from Yellowstone talks about the moment Beats from Season 4, which most excited fans


In any single episode of Yellowstone, the probability that Beth Dutton, played by Kelly Reilly, will do and say things that not everyone will agree with is above average. (This percentage is much higher when we talk about other characters.) From her strained relationship with Jamie to her self-destructive instincts, Beth is a firecracker burning at both ends, which is why she is one of the highlights on TV every year. But it seems there was one moment in Yellowstone season 4 that stood out the most when it came to fans being critical of how Beth handled the situation. And all this is connected with one of the newest (and youngest) neo-western characters, Finn Little Carter.

While fans are waiting for the fifth season of “Yellowstone”, which will be released in November, star Kelly Reilly told TVLine about a scene from the finale of the 4th season of “Grass on the Streets”, which really touched some viewers to the quick. The moment in question came when Carter almost made a slip of the tongue and called Beth “mom,” which caused a perhaps too angry response in which she denied him that he considered her as a mother. Here ‘s what she said about the reaction of the public:

America persecuted me for this! [Laughs] I thought: “It’s a character, not me!” But I got it. I would like her to also [allow herself to be his mother]. But think about it. If she tells this child that she has just met: “Yes, I will be your mother,” it is not true for him.

There is a lot of logic in this answer, since Kelly Reilly hit right on the spot. While Beth certainly could have handled her immediate reaction more sensitively and less callously, she can’t be blamed for delivering the main message. As much as fans would love to see the immediate carefree family warmth from Beth and Rip as far as Carter is concerned, I feel it would be a lot weirder if either of these very independent characters were instantly struck by their sudden parental love for the boy. These people are not so arranged that their colleagues were having fun discussing.

Of course, there may come a day when each of their respective postings will be sufficiently formed to accept Carter as their ward, although I’m not sure how long it will really take them to really see him as their “son”. Firstly, it would probably mean that Beth would completely accept and find peace in the fact that she was unwittingly sterilized as a teenager. And it’s unlikely that this will happen in an authentic manner, unless she’s on horseback dragging a bound Jamie through the entire ranch.

Kelly Reilly continued, saying that Beth should be honest with Carter, no matter how cruel she was, and not play along with his desires under false pretenses. According to her:

She says, “You had a mom. She died. I can’t replace it. But I will be your friend.” I think there’s something noble about it.

At the Yellowstone ranch, it’s almost certainly better for Carter to have friends than parents, given how unequal the Duttons’ family relationships can be, even with characters as close as Beth and John. But friends are always needed when passions flare up and fists begin to fly, regardless of whether these threats come from outside or from within.

There will certainly be more threats in season 5, and it is confirmed that Caroline Warner Jackie Weaver is returning to try to destroy the ranch. However, Kelly Reilly recently talked about how Beth is actually in pretty good shape when new episodes come out, thanks in part to the fact that she has rekindled her story-making partnership with her father. (And also that Jamie circled her little finger.) Considering how the season ended, with Kevin Costner’s John in an inherited state of mind, we’ll probably hear him call Carter his “grandson” before we ever hear Beth treat him. the younger boy is so familiar. I wonder if Walker’s musical talents have the ability to make the sounds of a “sad trombone”.

The fifth season of “Yellowstone” will finally be released on Sunday, November 13, only on the Paramount Network. Revisit past scenes with a Peacock subscription and discover an expanding universe with a Paramount+ subscription.