Kelly Osbourne’s Discovery: She suffers from Gestational diabetes


It doesn’t make it any easier for her! Actually, Kelly Osbourne (37) has every reason to be happy. She is expecting her first child with Slipknot musician Sid Wilson (45 years old), and her family is over the moon with happiness. Mom Sharon Osbourne (69) has already indicated that there may be a girl in the offspring. But pregnancy doesn’t seem particularly comfortable for the daughter of rocker Ozzy Osbourne (73): Kelly discovered that she suffers from gestational diabetes.

Kelly was diagnosed in the third trimester, and at first she thought it was her own fault. But she told people, “First of all, gestational diabetes is never your fault. At first I thought I had done something wrong.” But then her doctor was able to explain to her that she probably developed the disease, like many pregnant women. The reason may be a very sugar-rich diet. “I realized that I was losing weight mainly from sugary drinks and juices,” she explained.

Because of gestational diabetes, Kelly had to change her diet, and she had already noticed the consequences: “As soon as I gave up sugar, I had a headache for a while. […] It was a real shock to my body. “Meanwhile, however, she got used to it, and above all, her complexion improved.


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