Kelly Clarkson may not have released “Em” Yet, but Admits She’s Written an insane amount of songs about her divorce from Brandon Blackstock


Kelly Clarkson has had a lot going on over the last couple of years. In addition to many on-screen projects, including her daytime talk show and winning the next season of The Voice, the American Idol champion found herself embroiled in a controversial divorce from Brandon Blackstock. In fact, you can’t blame the singer for putting her music career on the back burner with everything else. Although she hasn’t released a traditional studio album —with the exception of her Christmas collection— since 2017, her divorce has apparently inspired her to write a huge number of songs.

The show’s host Kelly Clarkson finally finalized her divorce from Reba McIntyre’s stepson in March, after nearly two years of fighting over custody of their children and the division of their property, especially their ranch in Montana. Kelly Clarkson has talked a lot about how she went through such a painful time for her family, and music, unsurprisingly, played a huge role. In fact, she told ET how much came out of her use of writing as a discharge. According to her:

I’ve written about 60 songs. It’s an insane amount to get it. Every time you go through [something], it’s so cool to have it as an outlet, whether people hear it or not.

It’s unlikely that anyone will ever hear all the dozens of songs that Kelly Clarkson wrote after breaking up with Brandon Blackstock, but fans are certainly hoping to get a good dose on the new album sooner rather than later. (And the less the better, if you ask me!) It seems that the album is definitely in development, and the singer “Stronger” openly talked about how difficult it is to navigate how to express your feelings while respecting others. the people involved, especially the two children she shares with her ex.

Kelly Clarkson’s 2021 Christmas album When Christmas Comes Around, which featured covers and duets in addition to new music, seemed to reflect some of the emotions she experienced with Brandon Blackstock. At least, judging by the single “Christmas Isn’t Cancelled (Just You)”.

The same goes for her new cover album Kellyoke, an offshoot from the popular segment of the Kelly Clarkson show. A version of Billie Eilish’s song “Happier Than Ever” performed by Kelly Clarkson is presented after the former voice coach made headlines on her talk show by changing some lyrics in an apparent shot at her ex-husband.

It’s more than understandable that a mother of two puts her children’s feelings first when it comes to deciding which of these “60 songs” to release for everyone to see, but the fact that she puts such pure emotions into her music probably contributes to the creation of high-quality content, and we can’t wait to see what she will release next.

While we won’t be seeing Kelly Clarkson in the upcoming season of “The Voice,” fans will be able to see her completely revamped talk show when she takes over the time slot vacated by Ellen DeGeneres. And who knows? Maybe the return to the “Voice” could happen sooner than we thought? Be aware of what premieres are expected in the near future, check out our TV program for 2022.