Kelly Clarkson is planning a “complete reworking of her show” before taking on the role of Ellen DeGeneres on television


She takes it “piece by piece”! Kelly Clarkson is transforming her talk show.

The Kelly Clarkson show will replace the long-running Ellen DeGeneres show “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on NBC at 3:00 p.m. ET timeslot. Ellen will leave the air on May 26 after 19 seasons. The show of the first American Idol winner is currently airing at 2:00 p.m. ET.

In its current form, the format of Clarkson’s Emmy-winning talk show of the same name suggests that the singer “Because of You” interviews famous guests, introduces ordinary people to fascinating stories, covers popular songs and plays games. In December 2020, the show was extended until 2023. The third season is currently underway.

In recent months, the co-host of the American Song Contest has undergone several major changes. On March 10, after seven years of marriage and two years of litigation, Clarkson finally settled the issue of divorce with Brandon Blackstock, with whom she has two children: River Rose, 7, and Remy, 5. Later that month, on Monday, March 28, she also officially changed her name to Kelly Brianne, according to court documents obtained by us, although she will still be called Kelly Clarkson professionally.

Applying for a name change in February, the Texas native gave the reason why she wanted to use her first name and patronymic. According to documents obtained by Us, she stated that the nickname “more fully reflects who I am.”

The voice coach previously spoke on her talk show about her concerns about how the divorce could affect her children.

“It’s terrible. There are so many difficult moments in it,” she said of her breakup with Blackstock in December 2020. — The most difficult thing for me is the children. This is the most difficult for me. I think as women, we’re trained… to take on all of this, and you can handle it, and you’re fine, but you’re worried about your kids.”

Both River Rose and Remy have appeared on the Kelly Clarkson show, including in a memorable moment in September 2021 when her youngest son interrupted Chris Martin’s singing of “Yellow” to tell his mom and the musician that he needed to go to the bathroom.