Kelly Clarkson Has Delayed Her Divorce From Brandon Blackstock. Her New Album Won’t Just Be About a Broken Heart


A lot has happened in Kelly Clarkson’s life over the past few years: She took her Emmy-winning talk show to new heights, won a season of The Voice, and was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. But, without a doubt, the biggest thing that the singer went through was the dissolution of her marriage and a long and difficult divorce from Brandon Blackstock. Naturally, these emotions will manifest when Clarkson’s long-awaited new album is released, but according to the OG American Idol champion, fans can expect much more than just a broken heart when Chemistry is released.

Kelly Clarkson has informed fans about the status of her new album, which is expected sometime this year, and although she still has not named the exact date when we will hear some of her new tunes, she still revealed the album – and one of the tracks — will be called Chemistry. She admitted that she wrote an insane number of songs when she was going through a divorce, but explained on Instagram that she chose this album title because it covers the entire spectrum of relationships, not just the end. According to her:

I didn’t want everyone to think that I was just saying something like, “I’m angry, I’m sad,” for example, one or two emotions, you know? This album, of course, represents an arch of holistic relationships, and all relationships should not be reduced to one thing. So there are good, bad and ugly things. Chemistry can be a really amazing, sexy, cool, funny thing, but it can also be very harmful to you.

Consider me sold! It’s understandable why the process of making this album was so difficult, especially when she’s balancing between expressing her sincere emotions and protecting the two children she shares with Brandon Blackstock. But some of the best songs are heartbreaking songs, and I’m ready for Kelly Clarkson to take me on this emotional journey. I’m also intrigued by this “sexy, cool, fun” but “bad for you” chemistry!

You can see Kelly Clarkson’s full ad below:

She said that we can expect the album to be released “soon”, and the music from Chemistry will be released “even earlier”. It’s a little disappointing not to have something more specific, but as the host of The Kelly Clarkson Show noted, it took three years, so we can wait a little longer.

Kelly Clarkson said she’s nervous but excited about this next step, and who can blame her? It took almost two years to process her divorce from Brandon Blackstock, as the proceedings were accompanied by lawsuits, custody lawsuits and a fight over their assets. In particular, the singer’s ranch in Montana was the subject of controversy, and even after the judge declared Clarkson the rightful owner and ordered Blackstock to leave the property, he continued to make demands.

While we’re trying to stay patient with her new music, Kelly Clarkson can still be seen weekday afternoons on her talk show (check your local listings for broadcast information). She is also working as a coach again at The Voice, where, according to rumors, she has a little problem with her former mother-in-law Reba McIntyre, who works as a mega-mentor in the 23rd season. New episodes are aired at 20:00. eastern time on Monday and at 21:00. ET on Tuesdays on NBC, and you can check out our TV program for 2023 to find out which other shows will premiere in the near future.


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