Keke Palmer Shares Her Very Confused First Reaction to the Nope Script


Keke Palmer explains how she reacted when she first read the “No” script. “No” is the third full—length work by rising horror director Jordan Peele. After his success with “Away and Us,” Peele is once again joining the first star, Daniel Kaluuya, along with Palmer, Steven Yeun, Michael Wincott, Brandon Perea and Barbie Ferreira to tackle a storyline more inspired by the supernatural.

Although some details of Knope are now known, including confirmation of an alien presence, for some time viewers remained completely unaware of the specifics of this story. The first trailer was creepy but vague, it didn’t reveal UFOs directly. Subsequently, the marketing team released several mysterious “No” posters, including motion posters in which the “No” actors looked at some threatening sound in the sky. Even though more details about Nope are now available, there are still surprises that will be revealed shortly after the film’s release this week.

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Now it seems that even the cast of Nope felt some confusion at first, according to THR. At the premiere of “No” in Los Angeles, Palmer says that after the first reading of the script, she didn’t quite know what to think. She claims that in Peel’s films, “you should never look at any of his things on the surface.” Rather, a second viewing or, in Palmer’s case, a second reading is required to understand the main themes and his intentions regarding the story, as was the case with No. Check out Palmer’s full quote:

I just thought to myself, “What? So what is he really saying? With Jordan, you’ll never be able to watch any of his stuff on the surface, but those first hours are always a little shallow because you don’t know what you’re looking for. So I thought: “I know it’s a superficial first read, now I’m ready to talk to him about what I really should do.”

What Peele says is actually not completely hidden. Although the writer and director did not want to comment on the details of the Nope story before its release, Peel recently reported that the film thematically emphasizes the “nature of spectacle” and the “insidious nature of attention.” In this way, viewers who have closely followed the promotion of Nope Press will gain more basic knowledge about the deeper meaning behind it. While Peel’s film is almost guaranteed to offer its share of plot surprises, as “Away” and “We” did, knowing its core themes can help viewers ground themselves into the film so they don’t experience the same type of plot whiplash that Palmer experienced before the discussion. with Saw.

Exactly how these themes unfold will soon be revealed when Peel’s latest film finally hits theaters this week. No, the early reactions and reviews from its premiere have so far been enthusiastic, and Peel has been compared to such great people as Hitchcock and Spielberg, and the plot of the film and the visual spectacle dazzled the audience. More people will join the ride this week as Nope hits theaters in wide release.