Keke Palmer Is Working With Kevin Hart on a Romantic Comedy, and Sign Me Up


Somehow Keke Palmer has been working in Hollywood for almost two decades (since she was still a child actor in the industry) and has never played a major role in a romantic comedy. That doesn’t seem right, does it? Thankfully, the actress has just made a deal to join the world of romantic comedies with an upcoming film starring Kevin Hart called “Support.”

Both Palmer and Hart will direct and produce the film for Universal. The backup will reportedly follow Keke Palmer as Alyssa, a newly engaged woman heading to Maui for a wedding. Little does she know that her childhood friend and big player Ben, whom she asks to be best man at the ceremony, is secretly in love with her and decides to attend the wedding, thinking to win her heart.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news, but did not indicate whether Kevin Hart is playing Ben, but since the second main role has signed on for The Backup, we certainly assume that the comedian will play her best friend and unexpected secret admirer. According to the report, according to the script, Ben will take “his boys” with him to the wedding to outshine Alissa’s fiance in the hope that she will change her mind.

The backup has a funny setup for a romantic comedy between Keke Palmer and Kevin Hart. The script was written by Chris Brew and Jordan Gouveia, and it will be the first major work for both of them. Brew is also an actor who has appeared as a guest on shows such as Black-ish, Insecure and #BlackAF. Along with Hart and Palmer, who are producing the film through their production companies, Autumn Bailey-Ford, who has produced projects such as Tulsa and Blackbear, is also involved.

Palmer shared the news about The Backup on Instagram and thanked the writers and producers for giving her “the opportunity to constantly raise her level and expand not only as a talent, but also as a businesswoman.” It’s nice to see another Keke Palmer film, in which the actress not only plays the main role, but also behind the scenes with a flourish!

Keke Palmer will star in Jordan Peele’s latest horror film “No” alongside Daniel Kaluuya and Steven Yoon. The actress also voiced Lightyear, directed the Sundance film Alice and hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time last year. During Palmer’s monologue, she also announced that she was expecting her first child with boyfriend Darius Jackson. Palmer gave birth less than three weeks ago to a baby boy, whom they named Leodis Andrelton, or Leo for short.

Kevin Hart is always busy, too, and “Backup” is one of many upcoming films featuring the comedian. Hart’s next film is an action movie called “Elevator,” which is among the new Netflix releases, which also stars Vincent D’Onofrio, Sam Worthington, Gugu Embata-Row and Jacob Batalon. “Elevator” will be released on August 25. Hart will soon be working with Will Smith on the upcoming remake of Planes, Trains and Cars.

We’ll keep you posted here on CinemaBlend as we learn more about The Backup.


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