Keep your mobile data safe with Xayn


Today we live totally connected thanks to new technologies and devices. While a few years ago the computer was the device from which we spent the most hours connected to the network, today the mobile is the device where we surf the Internet the most hours. In addition, more and more things we do telematically, so there is a lot of personal and confidential data that we usually store on our smartphones.

This means that many people worry about the security and privacy of their data every time they surf the Internet, and today, there are many traces and dangers on the Internet. The most used search engine in much of the world is undoubtedly Google, although there are other alternatives that allow us to browse in a much more private way, especially when we do it from the computer.

Now, taking into account that most of the time that we connect to the Internet we do it from the mobile, if you are one of those who are concerned about your privacy on the Internet, then surely you are interested in the new search engine launched by Xayn.

Browse privately from your mobile thanks to Xayn

It is an app that has been specially designed to focus on the privacy of users, so using this search engine we will avoid the exposure of our personal data. To do this, what the search engine does is execute the search algorithms directly on our device. In this way, our data will remain on the phone at all times without having to be transferred to other computers. Therefore, it also does not store data on any server. In addition, it offers a simple but safe way to browse in a more private way without having to use other tools such as VPN, since they can be more difficult to configure and use for more inexperienced users.

However, Xayn offers a great balance between protecting privacy and comfort of use. And it is that this search engine allows us to establish what is most relevant to us, so we can better control the results.

On the home screen, we can see the latest most relevant news according to our searches and use of the tool itself. Xayn is a search engine in the form of an app that is available for both iOS and Android devices and that we can download and install on our phone from the official page of the tool or from the following links to the Apple Store and Google Play.


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