“Keep my wife’s name away from…” — Jimmy Kimmel’s Famous Side Kick Guillermo Rodriguez Most Hilariously Filmed Will Smith on The Champagne Carpet “Oscar 2023”.


Oscar night turned out to be great this year, especially since no one got a slap in the face. Although expectations from Will Smith were mentioned, even this ship went smoothly. Together with the crisis team, Jimmy Kimmel took to the stage to host the event. He was accompanied at the event by his right-hand man Guillermo Rodriguez.

While Kimmel warned people against a repeat of the gate-slamming incident, Guillermo was in a completely different mood. A former security guard who joked on his way to the Oscars mingled with celebrities on a champagne-colored carpet. Looking for a great opportunity, he made his move to “take down Will Smith.”

As Guillermo hilariously reminded Will Smith at the Oscars 2023

This year, Jimmy Kimmel Live hosts have mostly taken over the Academy Award ceremony, whether on stage or on the carpet. In a trendy gold suit with a bow, Guillermo Rodriguez was fishing on a champagne-colored carpet to interview his favorite celebrities. During an interview in his quirky style, he came across singer and actor Lenny Kravitz. To start his trap joke, he told the singer that his wife is a big fan of his. Then the presenter asked the singer to look into the camera and call the name of his wife Sarah, and the artist gladly agreed.

With a still wide smile, Guillermo asked Kravitz to do a favor. “What is it?” — the singer “Low” asked. “Can you keep my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth?” he replied, echoing Will Smith’s joke. Considering that this was the trend line of 2022, the singer also laughed about it.

The infamous dialogue came out of Will Smith’s mouth along with a slap in the face when Chris Rock made fun of Jada Pinkett Smith. A proud Jimmy Kimmel shared a clip of Guillermo with his audience after returning from the role of the Oscar host to the role of a talk show host.

Jimmy Kimmel also didn’t spare the cotton incident in his Oscar monologue.

Kimmel was probably ready for any problems if he offended someone. But he still made fun of last year’s winner in the Best Actor category and mentioned that there is a security team if someone decides to attack him because of an offensive joke. This year’s Oscar was unique not only because of the many winners, but also because of the double entertainment of Kimmel and Rodriguez.

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