Keegan Murray makes his debut in the Kings: fan reaction


It’s still early, but the Sacramento Kings seem to have a star.

Keegan Murray, selected 4th overall in the 2022 NBA Draft, made his debut in the California Classic Summer League for the Kings this Saturday night.

The former Iowa star shone under the bright light. Murray scored 26 points, scoring 10 of 14 overall and 4 of 5 of three, and also made eight rebounds.

It looks like the Kings made the right choice.

“Keegan Murray proves why he made the top five with 26 points, 8 steals, 10-14 from the game, 4-5, 3 from the game, from the game,” the NBA said on ESPN.

“Keegan Murray in the Summer League today: 26 points, 8 rebounds, 71% from game to game, 4/5, 15:00, 2/2 FTM, just 28 minutes,” said Hoop Central.

“Keegan Murray is a young star who scored 26 points, 8 rebounds, 10 of 13 FG, 4 of 5 and 3 points,” Kings Nation writes.

“Keegan Murray is leaving. It is impossible to wish for a better debut in the Summer League. 26 Points 8 PB 10/13 4/5 24 min. By the way, there’s another quarter ahead,” said Frankie Cartoscelli.

It looks like the Kings made the right choice by choosing Murray at number 4.