Keanu Reeves went viral thanks to the charming communication of fans with a young fan at the airport


It is quite easy to write off Hollywood stars with bad behavior, especially since some have serious problems, and examples such as Ezra Miller cause numerous controversies. While there are certainly controversial celebrities, there are also long-time stars like Keanu Reeves who completely shed light on what the rich and famous can be. A fan favorite, the star of the John Wick franchise has gone viral thanks to charming communication with fans at the airport, and I don’t think I could have loved a star of the first magnitude more.

Keanu Reeves seems to make a fantastic impression on people wherever he goes, even his partner in the Matrix franchise Carrie-Anne Moss supports his kind and generous nature. Although being kind to his colleagues and other Hollywood stars is great, he also leaves his fans with great impressions, and one recent communication with fans is a testament to this.

According to Andrew Kimmel’s Twitter account, the new streamer witnessed Keanu Reeves chatting with a young fan at the airport, and I really don’t know how Reeves can get nicer. In a series of tweets, Kimmel explains that Reeves answered a series of questions that a young fan asked the star, and then asked his own stream of questions directly into the boy. Check it out in the Twitter thread below:

Keanu Reeves was on my flight from London to New York today. The young boy asked for an autograph in the luggage and then started asking a series of quick questions. Keanu happily answered every single one…

First of all, I’m absolutely in love with the trucker hat in Keanu Reeves. I do not know how he manages to look both disheveled and collected, but long disheveled hair combined with a blazer over a patterned T-shirt really does it for me.

Secondly, the child will probably remember this interaction forever. Every time he watches The Matrix or John Wick, he will think about the polite and sweet moment he had with the star. Even when he looks back at some of Keanu Reeves’ old and iconic works, he remembers Ted asking him what his favorite Paris gallery was.

If any star deserves immortality, it’s Keanu Reeves (and, frankly, he can get it). Even when he seems sad, he brings joy to the Internet. People just love this man, and with his recent interaction with fans at the airport, the reasons why he just keeps adding up.

Fortunately, we’re still at the peak of Reeves territory, and the actor is wrapping up an amazing year with his reboot of The Matrix, a new movie release is being prepared in 2022 in the form of a star-studded DC animated film League of Super-Pets, and 2023 will see the release of the long-awaited fourth chapter of the John Wick franchise. After more than 30 years of releasing some cool movies, Keanu Reeves still pleases fans both personally and professionally, and I’m here for all of Keanu’s content.