Keanu Reeves’ rare secrets about his private life


Rather discreet by nature, Keanu Reeves is not very interested in celebrity and it is he himself who says it, evidenced by his rare confidences on his private life.

In addition to having an incredible film career, Keanu Reeves could soon marry his darling Alexandra Grant. If these are just rumors at the moment, the actor is savoring every moment of his life. But unlike his peers, he hates being in the foreground, walking the red carpets, or attending social events in Hollywood. The hero of The Matrix prefers to stay in the background and promote his work which he adores more than anything. “I have always kept my distance from fame. I have never lived my life according to what was said or written about me. I love the fact that I am always so interested in acting. ‘gave a structure and a purpose in life, I have never found anything else that I wanted to invest myself in so much, “he told South China Morning Post in September.

Considered a lone wolf, Keanu Reeves has always had the image of an unhappy man on the Web. At one time, he had actually become a meme around the world after he was photographed eating alone on a bench. But do not panic for the fans, the inevitable interpreter of John Wick ensures that he is deeply happy: “I know there is this feeling about me that I am alone. I do not have a lot of close friends but I like to live quietly and with my privacy. That’s the way I am and I have a lot of interesting projects going on that I’m very happy with. ” That is what is said. And for even more celebrity news, discover the adorable story of the first meeting between Keanu Reeves and actress Octavia Spencer because it may melt you.

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