Keanu Reeves Mistakenly Cut a Man’s Head on The Set of “John Wick: Chapter 4”: “This really sucks!”


Keanu Reeves said that he mistakenly “cut the head of a gentleman” on the set of the movie “John Wick: Chapter 4”.

The actor, who plays a deadly killer in the movies, is known for pushing himself when it comes to performing his own stunts. And it doesn’t seem to have been without risk to himself or others, as he explained that it “really fucking sucks” to hurt another crew member during filming.

When asked by ComicBook if there were any accidents on the set of the adrenaline thriller, Reeves answered in the affirmative before describing some of the incidents. The star of The Matrix added that fatigue certainly affects performers during the filming of films such as the TV series “Week”.

“Well, I mean, everyone is pretty tired, but that’s the best kind of fatigue,” he explained in terms of how something can happen on set. “It’s like you’ve climbed a mountain, now you’re resting; it’s like you’ve finished the game and won.”

He went on to describe some of the accidents, saying, “So, in terms of accidents: I once made a mistake — I cut a gentleman’s head. So it really fucking sucks — sorry for my language. But other than that… oh, one guy got hit by a car. He was in the car, so he had to go to the hospital, but he was fine.”

Reeves went on to say that the general warning is that “you have to be careful” on set. At the same time, the actor continued that “everyone [on the set] is looking out for each other.” He ended his thought by commenting, “So there are bruises, aches and pains, but ‘No people were hurt while shooting this movie!'”

Reeves’ commitment to the total nature of the film led to John Wick: Chapter 4 being recognized as one of the best action movies ever made in early reviews.

The film follows Wick on another adventure as an unlucky but extremely skilled killer as the price on his head keeps going up and up. As NME said in its four-star review, expect “a blockbuster with all the action that really goes all out.”


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