Keanu Reeves Laughs At The Idea Of NFTs In An Interview, And Twitter Loves


Keanu Reeves: Protagonist of one of the most anticipated films of the year, actor Keanu Reeves “left the Matrix” on Saturday afternoon (11) to grant the portal The Verge an interview, along with his colleague Carrie-Ann Moss, of the character Trinity. Conducted by reporter Alex Heath, the conversation addressed the idea of ​​an increasingly fluid boundary between the real and virtual worlds, a ubiquitous theme in the franchise that will launch Matrix Resurrections worldwide on December 22nd.

In the middle of the interview, Heath decided to tackle the topic of cryptocurrencies and collectible NFTs. “Did you guys see what was done on NFT for The Matrix Ressurections a few days ago?” asked the interviewer, noting that there were roughly 100,000 tokens about the movie for sale for $50 each, and that the site went down. because about 300,000 people were disputing the assets.

At that time, the eternal Neo laughed. The concept of people scrambling for digital trinkets to own a thing, without ownership of it taking place, caused the actor to drop the question about “digital scarcity and things that can’t be copied.” “Because they are easily reproduced?” he joked. The joke earned Reeves the trend topics on Twitter.

Keanu Reeves found out he is a HODLer

After making fun of the digital assets, Keanu Reeves asked Carrie-Ann Moss if they were getting a commission on these sales. By the way, he acknowledged having knowledge about the blockchain, revealing that a friend of his bought several cryptocurrencies for him.

But since he said he’d rather keep them than trade, he was informed by Heath that in this case he is the HODLer, a pun on the English word “hold”. People who do HODL buy Bitcoins and don’t trade basically. Reeves even made fun of the Metaverse, saying the concept is old and not a “Facebook invention”.