Keanu Reeves develops two different projects for Netflix


Keanu Reeves published his first comic book BRZRKR this year. Known for his John Wick and Matrix series, the famous actor is now bringing his rigorous work to the Netflix platform.

Reeves, who appeared before his fans with his BRZRKR book earlier this month, is not only a good actor; He also showed his interest and dominance in the world of comics. He co-authored the US actress book with Matt Kindt, who proved to be a talented storyteller. The illustrator of the work was Captain America and Wolverine’s graphic artist Ron Garney.

BRZRKR earned more than $ 1.4 million before it was launched. The book, which consisted of 12 fascicles in total, sold over 600 thousand copies in its first issue. It has become one of the most popular comics of the last period. However, the work has now taken a sure step towards getting out of its shell and reaching a much wider audience in different disciplines. It was announced that the work will be transferred to the cameras in two different adaptations.

Keanu Reeves comes to Netflix with his new movie and anime

Nowadays, many digital streaming platforms have started to create their own franchise products. The Disney + app has released Marvel series and movies. It also paved the way for many new Star Wars franchises. Work started on the Game of Thrones prequel series at the HBO Max service. A long-running Lord of the Rings adaptation in Amazon Prime Video is almost in its final stages. But Netflix fell slightly behind its competitors in this regard.

Netflix, which wants to keep up with this trend, has only one The Witcher series. However, it has not made enough noise either. Wanting to eliminate this problem and create its own original products, the platform has reached an agreement with Keanu Reeves. Having bought the rights to BRZRKR’s work, the publishing giant has rolled up its sleeves for two different adaptations of the same work.

The fantasy graphic novel BRZRKR is about the story of an immortal warrior named Berzerker. The work will soon come to the screens with both a live action adaptation and an anime series. Master actor Keanu Reeves will act as producer and lead role in the film. In the animation, he will make a voice.


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