Keanu Reeves’ Co-Star in John Wick Rarely Comments on His Elusive Relationship With Alexandra Grant


Keanu Reeves is an insanely popular actor, known in some circles as the “Internet Boyfriend”. This designation obviously makes him a very public figure, but he can still keep some important parts of his life secret. Although we know that the actor is dating Alexandra Grant, we don’t know much about her or their relationship. However, a colleague from the movie “John Wick: Chapter 4” Rina Sawayama met her and can’t say anything but good.

Speaking to People, Sawayama, who plays the concierge of another Continental hotel, sang the praises of Keanu Reeves specifically. She says he is a person who cares about everyone on set, which she appreciates. But she also had to spend time with Reeves and Grant as a couple, and she calls them beautiful. Sawayama said…

They’re wonderful. In fact , we were able to spend some time in Berlin … we had dinner, and it was great group dinners, and it was wonderful. Beautiful, beautiful as a couple, beautiful people.

Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant recently spent a lot of time in Berlin. Reeves shot not only “John Wick: Chapter 4” there, but also “The Matrix: Resurrections”; Grant was with him then, too. The fact that the couple stays together while Reeves is in place shows how close they are and how close they want to stay.

Keanu Reeves himself rarely talks about his relationship with Alexandra Grant, but those who met her and spent time with the two of them quite often repeat this opinion. The late Lance Reddick called Grant “damn cool.” And since Reddick himself was also pretty damn cool, that’s a high compliment. While many people think Keanu Reeves may be the coolest dude walking the earth, it looks like his girlfriend is right next to him.

Having said that, part of what makes them so cool is that they don’t seem like that. Rina Sawayama says that when Keanu and Alexandra Grant are together, they seem much more down-to-earth, as Keanu can switch between his famous self and a more down-to-earth self as needed, and when he’s with his girlfriend, everything is very normal. Sawayama continues…

They’re just very normal, honestly. It was really natural and just human. Again, I don’t know how I used the word “celebrity”, because often it seems to me that Keanu can turn off his celebrity, and I really felt it when he was with Alexandra. It’s simple, it was beautiful. It was honest, it felt like a whole.

While there may be downsides to being the partner of one of the most famous people in the world, it seems like hanging out with Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant is as cool as you can imagine, but not because of the overall coolness of Keanu. Instead, it’s because these two don’t have to act like the coolest people in the world, maybe that’s why they’re actually the coolest people in the world.


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