KDE Frameworks 5.74, applications


KDE Framewoks 5.74 was released, with several improvements that impact the usability of the KDE Plasma environment, as well as the software that make up the graphical environment.

When it comes to KDE, we tend to remember only Plasma, which is the graphical interface. However, KDE is also formed by the resources related to the applications that make up the entire desktop environment, such as the Dolphin file manager, the Kdenlive video editor, the K3B media burner and the Amarok music player, among others. Framework updates can influence the functioning of all of this software, whether through improvements or bug fixes, and even influence the behavior of third-party applications, usually from other graphics environments.

What’s new in KDE Frameworks 5.74

Framework updates do not impact the appearance of the graphical interface so much, but its functioning. They bring new features, bug fixes and implementations that improve the experience of using the Linux system, for those who are adept at Plasma and its applications.

Some of the new features in KDE Frameworks 5.74 include:

KDE applications based on QWidgets remember their positions on the desktop, after being closed and reopened (X11);
Text editors based on KTextEditor open large files up to 40% faster than in the previous version. In addition, they now have a zoom indicator on the status bar, if the text is zoomed other than 100%;
Improvement of the fractional scale, to correct graphic flaws generated by the new Plasma scaling factor;
Bug fixes in Dolphin, which crashed during file sharing via Bluetooth and consumed all hardware resources, when opening the location of Tags in files;
Correction of a bug in Baloo, which consumed all hardware resources when indexing new files.

How to update your system

For Linux distributions that use versions of KDE capable of receiving the new version of Frameworks, packages will be released automatically through the official repository.


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