Kaylia Posey’s mom talks about the last days of the graduate of the TV series “Babies and Tiaras” before her suicidal death: “She left me a note”


Changed forever. Kaylia Posey’s mother, Marcy Posey Gutterman, talks about how to cope with the death of a graduate of “Babies and Tiaras” as a result of suicide at the age of 16.

“The days and weeks leading up to this, it seemed to me that everything was fine,” Gutterman told E! News in an interview published on Tuesday, May 24, reflecting on her last moments with her daughter. “I didn’t check her phone. She went to prom with a bunch of friends. And the next day everything was fine.”

Earlier this month, Gutterman announced on Facebook the death of her daughter. “I have no words, no thoughts,” she wrote on May 2. — The beautiful girl is no more. Please give us privacy while we mourn the loss of Kaylia. My baby is forever.”

The county’s medical examiner did not immediately comment on the situation, as the investigation is still ongoing. It was later determined that the cause of her death was “asphyxia due to hanging on ligatures.”

Gutterman recalled her child’s behavior in the days leading up to her death, telling E! The news that the cheerleader started behaving differently on May 1. A few moments after Posey’s mother went to the store for something, the high school student left the house in one of the family cars and did not return.

“She left a note for me and then another one for her best friend,” Gutterman said. “The note said that she loved me and that she was sorry, and that her older brother would always be her best friend.”

On May 3, the TLC graduate’s family confirmed to TMZ that she committed suicide. “Although she was an experienced teenager with a bright future ahead of her, unfortunately, in one impetuous moment she made a rash decision to end her earthly life,” Posey’s family said in a statement. “She has won countless crowns and trophies by participating in beauty contests all her life.”

Gutterman later noted in a lengthy social media post that the death of actress Eli left her with “more questions than answers.” On May 3, she announced via Facebook that those who hope to change Posey’s memory can send donations to a fund set up by the Whatcom Community Foundation. “We want her departure from this Earth not to be in vain and so that other lives can be saved,” she added. “All donations will be used to provide resources to help students in a crisis situation.”

While Posey’s friends and family continue to grieve, Gutterman holds her daughter close to her heart. “Parents who have teenagers, check their phones,” she said on Tuesday. — And if it’s hard for you, talk to your parents. They don’t judge you. They will provide you with the help you need, but we need to know what you need to get the help you need…..[Kaylia] had everything for her.”

If you or someone you know is under emotional stress or is thinking about suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Helpline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).