KAWS surprises Namjoon with a very special gift


RM was flattered with a limited edition gift from artist Brian Donnelly, better known as KAWS. The leader of BTS is known for drawing inspiration from literary and artistic works to compose songs and implement new artistic concepts in the Bangtan Boys record materials.

For Namjoon it is very important to take his moments and go to know proposals of artists and creatives in different galleries or museums, it is also a way to relax and have a pleasant time outside the recording studio.

Recently, RM shared his visit to the famous Amore Pacific museum, located in a central Hangang Daero compound in the city of Seoul, in South Korea, the BTS rapper attended an exhibition called ‘Amore Pacific Chapter Two’.

The collection that the idol of Big Hit Entertainment went to know consists of various old pieces and with great importance within art, there are hand-painted paintings and other elements such as vessels and plates that belong to the museum.

Kim Namjoon revealed some of the photos he took in the museum and posted them on Twitter, within the official BTS account so that ARMY could enjoy the same works as the interpreter of ‘Do You’ and so that fans could live your own remote experience.

In one of the photographs that RM posted, a small planned, bright and funny figure can be seen, the idol of the Bangtan Boys holds it and its design looks quite striking, since the piece is covering its face. Owww.

The sculpture that Namjoon received as a gift is a work by Brian Donnelly, a creative better known as KAWS, the limited edition structure bears the name of ‘Holiday Space’, it is the representation of an astronaut and wears a special suit to travel to space .

The nice figure from the KAWS ‘Holiday Space’ collection was a very special gift for Kim Namjoon, in the market it has an approximate cost of $ 380 US dollars, something like $ 8,400 Mexican pesos.

KAWS ‘Holiday Space’ has several versions available for collectors, a statue in gold and another in glossy black, the design makes a reference to the ‘Moonman’ trophy that was presented at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2013 .

The set of photos that Kim Namjoon shared on the Twitter platform is receiving all the love and affection of Internet users from all over the world, as it has so far more than 1 million ‘likes’.

RM always thinks of him fans and constantly makes recommendations on books, galleries, texts, music, drinks and other cool things that ARMY can do without leaving home.

Another artist who has the same artistic figure as KAWS is Cha Eunwoo, a member of the K-pop boy group ASTRO, the singer and actor showed off the statuette by posting a photo on his social networks thanking him for the present.

Namjoon is a great follower of KAWS, the Bangtan Boy has a very wide collection of Brian Donnelly figures, the idol has acquired clothes, toys and other accessories that correspond to the creative work of the American artist.

The idol represented by the popular company Big Hit Entertainment bought a display case to hold all the KAWS pieces, there are several photos on the Internet and websites of him posing in front of or next to his beloved pieces.

J-Hope or Jung Hoseok is another member of BTS who has great appreciation for the artistic proposal of KAWS, the rapper of the ‘bulletproof boys’, has also received presents from the acclaimed designer.


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