Katy Perry turns to American Idol


Katy Perry announced her return to American Idol in the best way, honoring her breastfeeding.

Katy Perry is not only one of the most important international singers out there today, but she has become one of the star moms of this 2020, after she gave birth to her little daughter a few weeks ago.

However, after the postpartum, the Roar singer has been said ready to return to work, and that includes that we will see her again on the American Idol game show, where she serves as a jury.

The singer announced her return to this program through a photo on her Instagram account, where she used a “cow” outfit, referring to the fact that she is still fully breastfeeding, but has taken the necessary breath to return to work.

“Mutha Milks has returned to work for American Idol, and is ridiculously moving” published the famous.

Look at the picture of Katy Perry


The recent mother appears in the image with a cow hat and a whole dress with the spots of a cow, but what most attracted attention is that just a few months after giving birth to the singer of “I Kissed A Girl ”He has a great body worth admiring, which left his followers with a square eye.

“My God, you look beautiful, I can’t believe you just gave birth”, “For God’s sake, did you really just become a mom?” were some of the comments the singer received.

Did you like Katy Perry’s Outfit? Do you think she looks beautiful after giving birth? Tell us your answers in the comments.

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