Katy Perry: These MEN have been in their life so beautiful!


The famous singer Katy Perry is having her birthday and to celebrate we remind you of all the men who have passed through her life.

Katy Perry is the famous singer who is just turning 36 years old, which will celebrate for the first time with her daughter Daisy Dove Bloom who came to this world last August and who is also the daughter of actor Orlando Bloom.

Like many women, Katy Perry was heartbroken, even in an interview the singer revealed that when she broke up with her daughter’s father it was a very hard moment for her, which made her think about suicide.

The singer has revealed that she gave her heart to other men with whom she shared beautiful moments, that is why below we will share the names of the loves that were part of the singer’s life before becoming a mother and wife.

The men in Katy Perry’s life

Johnny lewis

This actor and Katy were dating around 2005 and 2006. But it was in 2012 when he died when he fell from the house where he lived, although the details of his death are unknown so far, for the singer it was It was devastating to find out about this, so he dedicated the song “The One That Got Away” to him.

Travie McCoy

She is the leader of the band Gym Class Heroes, she had a relationship with Katy Perry for a short time, and the beautiful singer found out about her “breakup” thanks to social networks since Travie posted that they were no longer together around the year 2008, however, this inspired the singer to create the song “Circle The Drain.”

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Russell Brand

He was not only her boyfriend, but he was also her husband, and everything happened very quickly because in 2009 they met and in 2010 they got married, but two years later all that love ended and it was Russell who requested a divorce from the singer It is known that she was left with a broken heart and wrote several songs dedicated to this stage of her life, including “By the grace of God”.

John mayer

After her divorce, Katy was related to several men, however, nothing was formal until she met John Mayer with whom she was given a new opportunity in love, but this relationship lasted only a few months in which they recorded the “It Takes Two” song here Mayer plays guitar.


Orlando Bloom

It was in 2016 when both met and fell in love, however, the relationship suffered a break in 2017, Katy was devastated, despite everything in 2018, the couple reconciled and after this they announced their engagement, months later they announced that they would become parents and it was in August of this 2020 when Daisy Dove Bloom came into the world.


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