Katy Perry tells Kim Kardashian “no offense” after TikTok identified Pete Davidson as her “lover”


M.A.S.H. never lies! Katy Perry took part in a trend on social networks related to a popular school game, and her future took a very unexpected turn.

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The 37-year-old singer “Roar” shared a video on TikTok about how she plays the game M.A.S.H. on Thursday, August 4. The filter she used randomly selects the user’s house, car, number of children and lover. Landing in a mansion, Tesla and six children, the California native chose Pete Davidson as her future partner.


No offense @Kim Kardashian (and Orlando? 🤷🏻‍♀️)

♬ House with a view – Sin

The “Wide Awake” singer grimaced when the filter landed on the 28-year-old graduate of the “Saturday Night Live” show, who is currently dating Kim Kardashian. “No offense @Kim Kardashian (and Orlando? 🤷🏻♀️),” Perry joked in the caption. (Other possible “lovers” included Harry Styles, Billy Irish, Chris Evans, Darth Vader, and all seven BTS members.)

The Grammy nominee has been in a relationship with Orlando Bloom since 2016. Perry and the 45-year-old Pirates of the Caribbean star briefly broke up in 2017 before getting engaged in February 2019. The duo have a daughter, Daisy, who is 23 months old.

Earlier this year, the musician “California Gurls” talked about motherhood during an appearance on the Chelsea Handler podcast “Dear Chelsea”. “The best decision I’ve made in my entire life,” Perry said of becoming a mother, adding that she “wasn’t very maternal” before she started dating Bloom.

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The Smurfs voice actress said that watching her fiance, the parent of his 11-year-old son Flynn, helped her decide that she wanted children of her own. (The UK native shares his teenage years with ex-wife Miranda Kerr.)

“Orlando, I saw what a wonderful father he was to his first child,” Perry told the 47-year-old comedian. — So it definitely affected me in the first place. Something inside me said, “You, about 30. This man is good. Must multiply.”

The winner of the American Music Award also told how Bloom’s sunny outlook on life helped her cope with dark emotions.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom: chronology of their relationship

“I always say that when he enters a room, there is a cheerfulness in him,” she explained. “Some people ask, ‘What is this guy wearing?’ but he really has these happy, [positive] vibes. I’m a little more drunk and kind of prone to depression, so it’s good for me to be around him because he takes me out of my head a little bit.”

Actor Ned Kelly is somewhat less vocal about his personal life, but in January 2021, he praised Perry for her performance at the inauguration of President Joe Biden. “One day our little girl will grow up and see her mother play her part in a historic moment that we hope will heal, we hope, unite, we hope, we love,” the Carnival Row star wrote on Instagram at the time. “One proud partner is here with a tear of joy.”


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