Katy Perry takes 64 people to Egypt to celebrate her birthday


Katy Perry had her birthday on October 25th and wanted to celebrate in a unique way. Because she is powerful, she managed to fulfill a “pharaonic” wish. How about a celebration in Egypt with over 60 friends? Yes, it was!

To this end, Katy took a cruise for the large group along the famous Nile River. Among other attractions, it also had a camel ride through the desert and a sunrise show over the beautiful pyramids.

The boyfriend, Orlando Bloom, was among the escorts, of course! See photos:

Marky Molinari, Katy’s friend, took part in this tour and told us a little about how it went. “How to build a powerful bond in 10 days,” he began. “Have 64 handpicked people chosen by a @KatyPerry music goddess live on a boat on the Nile with just one request from her, so that each of us can get out of our comfort zones and each meal feel like someone different,” remembered.

“This would be our birthday present for her. This is my sister. My friend Katy, selfless. In addition to the magnificent gift of the trip, she gave each of her friends memories of a new friendship and bond that we will only share for the rest of our lives, ”he added.

Poetic, isn’t it? It seems that the moment was super special!


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