Katy Perry shows her fanaticism for BTS’s Dynamite


Katy Perry shows her fanaticism for BTS thanks to her single “Dynamite”. The first single in English by the BigHit group has been very successful, not only on music platforms, it has also broken records and won several wins, its message about cheering ARMY to the rhythm of the song has given them many praise, even new fans like the “California Gurls” star.

The musical platforms have become fundamental for the popularity of the celebs, in addition to promoting and publicizing their musical offer, through her official site, Katy Perry decided to update the playlist of her favorite songs, among them, she added “Dynamite” of BTS, conquered by the rhythm of disco music and the joy that the boys captured in this single.

After the publication of his list, some ARMY on social networks speculated about a possible collaboration and also celebrated the success that “Dynamite” is having among artists in the industry, as it is a way for Bangtan to become more and more known, Even could your baby become an ARMY in a couple of years?

It is not the first time that BTS has received these expressions of support, some artists have openly declared to be fans of them, they have even attended their concerts, they have taken photos with them on their trips to the United States or share Stories through Instagram while listening to some of his songs.


Without a doubt, “Dynamite” made an explosion in music, the boys achieved their first # 1 on Billboard, added new records and continue to cheer on ARMY in the face of the pandemic that continues in the world. It is not known if this single is the only one that Katy Perry listens to, it may be her favorite song of the moment or she wanted to offer her support with her most recent release.

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Can you imagine any collaboration between the two? The guys have already worked with other artists like Steve Aoki and Nicki Minaj, so interactions with other artists on some projects is no stranger to their work.


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