Katy Perry Sends a Message of Support to China For Coronavirus


The WHO Director thanked the Katy Perry’s gesture.

For a few weeks the whole world has had its eyes on China after the cases of Coronavirus that were still spreading, even reaching other countries in the world.

Given this, different celebrities have made comments in support of this contingency, postponing shows and asking their followers to be cautious and take the relevant health measures to stay safe.


Katy Perry has manifested around this issue, sending a message of support for the country that has been most affected by the virus. The singer recorded a short and concise video where she greets the people of the Asian country and sends them encouragement to continue fighting in these difficult times.

“I just wanted to send you a message to let you know that we are all with you during this time, and keep fighting, and stay healthy and positive as best we can. We are thinking of you We are sending our prayers. Let’s get over this.”

The video was also shared by the Director General of the World Health Organization, who added his thanks to the artist for giving her voice to such an important cause.


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