Katy Perry says goodbye to Kitty Purry, her faithful pet


The singer had to say goodbye to Kitty Purry. In the midst of the health crisis, Katy Perry fulfilled one of her dreams: she will become the mother of a girl.

However, her happiness was overshadowed by the death of someone very special to her and who accompanied her for 15 years. We tell you the details

Through her Instagram account, Katy shared a series of photos of Kitty Pyrru , her cat, who was already 15 years old, we know that animals do not have the same life expectancy as a human being.

The singer accompanied her post with a small letter to say goodbye to her pet. Kitty Purry was a stray animal that came to Katy’s life by causality, since then, she decided to adopt her and became part of her family.


Katy wish you a happy rest in the cat heaven, full of tuna and salmon. Kitty Purry was so important to her that there were even many references in Katy’s music videos . Fans also shared their condolences, as it’s always difficult to say goodbye to those little beings who don’t keep each other company and make a big difference in life.


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