Katy Perry Reveals Curiosities From “Harleys In Hawaii” Music Video


Everything that happened behind the scenes of the Harleys In Hawaii music video can already be watched. Katy Perry took us to the filming of her new single, introduced us to the restaurant location

“We are in Tahiti Nui, my favorite place in Hawaii, a pizzeria with bar where I’ve had dinner with my family on several holidays,” Katy told us that she had to ride the bike for real. “We had to be true to the song so I took my license to ride a motorcycle just for this music video. I’ll confess, I’ve never ridden a motorcycle on the road to this day. I’ve never ridden a Harley until today, ”he said.

“I’m just doing this to impress my boyfriend, I mean… my fiance,” he laughed about his relationship status with Orlando Bloom.


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