Katy Perry reveals if she considers Taylor Swift a friend


These statements from Perry left many fans thinking about their true relationship with Swift. The story between Katy and Taylor is not over, look what Perry said …

Taylor Swift is known for being inspired by the things that happen to her, one of the songs that has given her the most ‘ Bad Blood’ prizes was written due to the enmity he had with her colleague Katy Perry.

Katy Perry , mega surprised the fans of both sides to appearing in the video of Taylor Swift ‘You Need To Calm Down’ where it exits dressed hamburger , while Swift plays a box of fries, after 6 years of enmity .

In this regard Katy said that it is very powerful to forgive your enemies , which is difficult, but in the long run it is better for both parties, Katy Perry was interviewed by the Australian magazine Stellar that they did not have much time on their agendas to keep in touch daily, ‘the truth is that we do not have a very close relationship , but we send many text messages’

The singer also spoke of representing an example for all her followers, since after a long time of disputes they could forget and start over.

Perry commented that she had already seen the documentary of the singer of ‘The Men’, on the Netflix platform called ‘ Miss American’ , the singer of ‘Firework’ explained that she was very excited and thanked that ‘she (Taylor Swift) could show the world that things are not perfect ‘

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