Katy Perry Picks This Altcoin: The Price Has Jumped!


American singer and songwriter Katy Perry announced today the first NFT drop on the popular altcoin THETA network. Dubbed “The Roar Package”, this drop includes special NFTs on the THETA network. According to a tweet today, NFTs go on sale on December 15.

Altcoin price jumps

Users can sign up on the official thetadrop website and prepay their wallets to earn a limited number of NFTs. The limited edition Katy Perry NFT costs $100 and a total of 2,500 are available. Users can prepay the account with USD 100 or TFUEL. So what is THETA? THETA describes itself as the next generation video and entertainment blockchain. It includes an NFT marketplace and fully open source code available on Github. THETA has impressive partners for institutional validator nodes including Google, Sony, Samsung, Binance, Blockchain and more. THETA is trading at $4.26, up around 10% at the time of writing. Its market cap is $4.26 billion.

Seeing big celebrities like Katy Perry partner with blockchain companies like THETA is a sign that cryptocurrency is on its way to becoming more and more mainstream. As more high-profile influencers and companies join the crypto movement and more users start joining the ecosystem, it looks like the global cryptocurrency market cap will easily rise by the end of next year. Owning NFTs can earn you VIP access or special privileges to some of Katy Perry’s future events. The Katy Perry NFT drop could be an investment option for those looking to replace NFTs in the future, especially limited edition releases. However, remember that no investment is perfect, so be prepared to take risks.