Katy Perry gets pregnant again, says Mhoni Vidente


The Cuban Mhoni Vidente shared within her predictions that the singer Katy Perry will have a second child with her partner Orlando Bloom

Vuelve a quedar embarazada Katy Perry, asegura Mhoni Vidente(Reforma)

The Cuban Mhoni Vidente shared within her recent predictions that the singer Katy Perry will have a second child with her partner Orlando Bloom, because as they recently recalled they became parents.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are in one of the best stages of their lives, as they recently finally became parents but one more blessing could come.

Recently Mhoni Vidente shared her predictions where the names of both artists sounded, as she assures that they will become parents again.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time that Katy Perry appears in the Cuban predictions, since on several occasions she has spoken about her future.

I visualize her that for the month of March or May, she is pregnant again, “said the famous seer.

In addition, she not only made it known that she could get pregnant once again, but also added that this time it would be a boy and she longs to have one.

As if that were not enough, he also pointed out that the couple wanted to have twins, however, they could not and that is why they became pregnant very soon.

As you may recall, it was on August 26 that Daisy Dove Bloom was born, daughter of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, an expectation that was more than longed for by both celebrities and is that having her little Daisy Dove in her arms is something that both their followers and themselves have been waiting for several months.

Throughout her career, the “Daisies” interpreter had to go through strong relationships in which she did not do well at all, this before finding Orlando Bloom, the love of her life.

It is worth mentioning that Orlando had already asked Katy Perry to marry, however, unfortunately they had to postpone their wedding, all this for several reasons and the most recent was the pandemic caused by the coronavirus.

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On the other hand, from the moment they shared the news that they were expecting their baby, their millions of followers were excited and any news related to the singer and the actor has immediately become a trend.

In addition, Katy Perry announced a few weeks ago that she will show her life with Orlando Bloom and her daughter Daisy, as she wants to show her followers a little more of her life.

There is no doubt that this news surprised her millions of followers, since they never imagined that one of her plans was to launch a documentary about what her life is like with her current partner Orlando Bloom and her daughter.

This information was revealed by the Wired column of the Daily Star, who spoke with the singer about her new documentary, since in addition to talking about her private life with her partner and her daughter, backstage photographs of her concert tour will also be included. her album “Witness”.

Actually, we only have five chapters and maybe eight, nine or 10 chapters and I have incredible images, I am always documenting things, “said the singer.

Without a doubt, Katy comes with everything to finish this year, because even though she is now a mother, she has ensured that she will not leave her musical career, so there is much that she will give us in the coming months.

It is worth mentioning that this will be something similar to what happened in the documentary “Part Of Me”, in which it showed the moment when Russell Brand asked for a divorce a few minutes after going on stage.

And she also confessed that Taylor Swift was one of the people who motivated her to document fragments of her life and share it with her followers, since the Netflix documentary “Miss Americana” surprised her enough for all the time she has been documenting what happens in your life.


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