Katy Perry credits documentary filming Taylor Swift


Singer Katy Perry has been accumulating photographs, videos and other graphic documents related to her day-to-day life in the music industry since she embarked on that 2017 world tour with which she promoted her album Witness, the most introspective and mature of her entire career. but, at the same time, the one that had the least impact on the charts around the world.

The final objective that the interpreter has set for herself with such documentation work – as she herself revealed in her last interview with the Daily Star newspaper – is to conceive and develop a documentary that delves into the secrets of both her professional and personal spheres, in the purest style of the one that has already been published by colleagues such as Madonna, Beyoncé and her ex-rival Taylor Swift.

In fact, the American star, who has just made her maternity debut with the birth of her little daughter Daisy Dove – a result of her solid relationship with Orlando Bloom – and has released a new album called Smile, has not hesitated to attribute her decision to share her own biographical piece on the example of the aforementioned Taylor, whose documentary “Miss Americana” has been available on the Netflix platform since last January.

“I was very inspired by Taylor’s documentary, the truth is that I was very impressed when I saw it for the first time. For so many years she dedicated herself to generating a vast collection of videos and images that were not limited to a specific era in her career or to a tour. My idea is to do the same, because I’ve always loved documenting everything that happens to me ”, explained the Californian.

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