Katy Perry confesses that Dua Lipa is her crush


Katy Perry has caused a stir in social networks by confessing that Dua Lipa is his crush, Twitter has gone mad. The singer confessed her love during her presentation in Mumbai at the OnePlus Music Festival.

Apparently Katy Perry was really wonderful presentation of Dua Lipa on stage, his performance also liked his followers and is already circulating in social networks.

Hoy N Cold’s performer took the stage after the Kosovar-born singer, applauded her presentation and said she was in love with her.

Dua Lipa arrived in Mumbai on Saturday, days after Katy Perry arrived, both to perform at the music festival.

The interpreter of Be the one shared a photograph of her arrival on her official Instagram account and next to her she wrote “Landing in Mumbai”. He also uploaded a recording of her through the streets of the city.

According to Asia News International, last year Dua Lipa was on the continent with his then partner and visited places like Ranthambore, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kerela and Goa.


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