Katy Perry becomes an antibacterial gel for ‘American Idol’


Katy Perry becomes an antibacterial gel for ‘American Idol’. The singer decided to send a very funny message to her fans.

The coronavirus pandemic continues, so the period of quarantine isolation in various countries has been extended, although some celebs and companies have gradually resumed their activities.

Despite the fact that various productions in the United States paused the recordings of various programs and series, “American Idol” picked up the reality recordings, although they will be from home and Katy Perry decided to promote the new episode in a fun way.

Through her Twitter account, Katy shared a video and a couple of photos where she personified herself as an antibacterial gel and stressed the importance of staying safe and staying home, so the production of the program will record from the homes of each of the judges.


The singer took advantage of the promotion of the new episodes to send a message to her fans and the public of the program, wearing the costume reminded them to wash their hands.

It is not the first time that the singer uses fun outfits, she has already done it in some of her videos, from a nerd, Egyptian princess, a fan of sweets, to a hamburger in Taylor’s video “You need to calm down” Swift.

Katy will host a live stream on Facebook as part of “American Idol.”



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