Katrina Law’s remarks from last season


Hawaii Five-0 saw its end on CBS with its 10th season in early 2020, leaving many viewers wanting more, such as actress Katrina Law, who entered the show last season with her character Quinn Liu.

In our last Hawaii Five-0 note, we showed you the episode that was dedicated to the character, Lou Grover as played by Chi McBride during season 4.

Quinn Liu, arrived at the beginning of season 10 to be played by actress Katrina Law, Katrina has extensive experience in recognized series, such as Spartacus.

But, Katrina did not have much luck with Hawaii Five-0, since she only managed to record a couple of scenes with her character Quinn Liu, during season 10 of the series, but despite everything, the actress recognized the following :

“Despite everything and the little, it was very emotional and exciting, there were many tears of sadness and joy, but we had to say goodbye properly.”

Katrina kept talking about how emotional she was about her participation in a remake of the legendary series Hawaii Five-0, she said that when she received her protest she accepted it immediately.

The actress also said she felt very sad about her little acting, but that despite everything she managed to learn a lot, for as little as it was from her, she enjoyed her a lot with her great cast.


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