Katie Sackhoff Has an Answer that BSG Fans Can Understand After a Long day with Her Husband and Baby


Battlestar Galactica icon Katie Sackhoff, thanks to her latest baby update, basically proved that she is every mom in the world. The Mandalorian actress gave birth to a baby girl from her husband last December, and now she talks about the real problems people face when putting their babies to bed. While parents can certainly relate to the situation, Sackhoff hasn’t left fans of her classic sci-fi show unattended, as she’s also added another A+BSG link!

The birth of a new baby can be quite difficult, especially when he is not sleeping. An overworked infant mixed with a sleep-deprived parent is usually no good. Fortunately, Kathy Sackhoff and her husband Robin Gadsby seem like a great team, even when they find themselves in a stressful situation, for example, on a plane with a child.

In a recent Instagram story, the actress shared a photo of her husband napping while she holds a sleeping baby on board an airplane. The Star Wars graduate looks tired enough, but pleased, as she explains that she and her husband took turns trying to put the baby to bed for several hours!

Many will probably be reminded of their own parenting journey when they see Katie Sackhoff’s photo, but those who are Battlestar Galactica fans will probably be attracted by a not-so-subtle Easter egg! Sackhoff is professional in using the term “tailcoat,” which is a throwback to her BSG days when she played the role of Captain Starbuck in the cult sci-fi series. I would say that the sleep deprivation she definitely felt at the time this photo was taken was the perfect excuse for swearing.

The term “tailcoat” was introduced in the OG Battlestar Galactica series and, in fact, serves as a substitute for the word “fuck” in the fictional universe. While it’s a great way for characters to express themselves, it’s also a pretty inventive way for writers to get around that pesky permission (or lack thereof) set by some networks.

I believe that “tailcoat” is a fairly common word that is pronounced by Kathy Sackhoff now that she is working as a mom. Her baby is only about 6 months old, and Sackhoff is still quite busy professionally performing her duties as a parent. Although she has been the subject of some criticism for her “privileged” working parenting posts, I would say that the challenges she faces are quite extensive for a working parent’s work experience. It’s not easy, but she seems to be good at it.

If you are like Kathy Sackhoff and you have a busy and sleepless schedule as a parent, can I suggest watching streaming episodes of Battlestar Galactica with Peacock Premium during downtime? Sackhoff fans can also look forward to her reprising the role of Bo-Katan Krayz when the third season of “Mandalorian” is released in 2023 (available for streaming on a Disney+ subscription).