Katie Maloney wanted to “take control of the narrative” around filing for divorce from Tom Schwartz


Feeling of pressure. Katie Maloney is not here to gossip, especially when it comes to her split marriage with Tom Schwartz.

“There was a lot of speculation and rumors. Look, I don’t know how,” Maloney, 35, said of her divorce application during the release of Cami Crawford’s “Relationsh*t” podcast on May 16. “We tried to just keep it a secret and go through some actions and it’s all just between us and tell some friends and family out of necessity before we make anything public. But it’s just starting to creep in there. Then we went to Instagram, just like you.”

The star of “Vanderpump Rules” said that initially she wanted her breakup with 39-year-old Schwartz to be quiet, but felt too much stress after hearing that gossip was going around the status of the couple’s relationship.

“I felt really uneasy and experienced all kinds of anxiety when it all swelled up around,” the former SUR waitress said. “I don’t like people speaking for me and saying things that may not be true. I don’t like it. So we had to take control of this narrative.”

The duo had been together for more than a decade before they announced their separation via Instagram in March.

“After 12 years of adventures together, Tom and I are ending our marriage,” the Ohio native shared. “This finale does not meet with resentment or hostility, there is no choice of sides. We deeply admire each other, and we value our friendship.”

The co-owner of TomTom, who on the same day made a separate statement from his ex-wife, suggested that it was Maloney who announced his dismissal.

“I fully respect Katie’s decision, and we had healthy and productive conversations about it. It would be much sadder if she decided to stay with me until she was happy,” he signed the post, adding: “We had some of the most blissful, romantic and fun moments that can only be in a human relationship — that’s what Katie taught me. a lot about love and how to become a better partner.”

“Dating apps scare me… I mean, if there’s a little kissing situation, I wouldn’t say no,” she told us at the time. “I’m open because I think it could potentially be good for health or maybe good for ego… I’m not trying to get a boyfriend or a relationship anytime soon, but I don’t see any problem going on a date or just, you know, flirting with someone.

The Minnesota native, for his part, was recently linked to fellow Bravo personality Raquel Leviss after they were allegedly spotted “bravely holding hands and kissing” at Coachella in April, but quickly dispelled the rumors. “I hate to break you guys, but I wasn’t at Coachella,” he tweeted at the time.