Katie Holmes would stop her boyfriend from getting married


As it has transpired, the actress Katie Holmes has a new love, chef Emilio Vitolo Jr., who was about to marry his former girlfriend but broke the wedding engagement, now they call him “unfaithful”

They reveal that the actress Katie Holmes has a new romance, however, the galan was about to marry the girlfriend he had, however, something or someone prevented it.

It transpired that Emilio Vitolo Jr., the supposed new love of the actress Katie Holmes, sent a text message to his girlfriend to end their engagement, coincidentally it was the same day that the images in which he appears with the actress were published,

Apparently, Holmes would find a quick consolation after his separation from actor Jamie Fox in a new man, who everything seems to indicate, was engaged.

So now, the new galan of what was Tom Cruise’s ex-wife has been identified as “unfaithful” and who ended his engagement by text message after some images of him appeared in a very compromised position: “Kissing to the actress in a restaurant outside of New York. ”

The new galan of the actress emerged from the series “Dawsons Creek” was surprised enjoying a dinner with the man with whom she would not stop exchanging affectionate gestures, chef Emilio Vitolo Jr., son of the owner of the popular restaurant Emilio’s Ballato in SoHo.

The images were a harsh disappointment for Rachel Emmons, the chef’s 24-year-old x girlfriend who saw her illusions with the man she once described as her “world” broken.

A very close friendship with Rachel, who asked her name not to be revealed, explained that

Until the photos were published in the press, Rachel had no idea what was happening. (Emilio) He’s a cheater, and this isn’t a “happy ending” story.

Similarly, she revealed that her friend, the designer, would have “dedicated her life” to the 33-year-old chef and that the two already lived together and even bought a puppy last May.

According to the friend of the ex-girlfriend, Rachel, she believed that she was going to marry Vitolo until her romance with Holmes finished destroying everything.

They had concrete wedding plans, now she is forced to move house. ”

Vitolo and Rachel were a couple who for two years had announced their engagement through Instagram last year.

Rachel’s Instagram profile was a clear example of how excited she was with all her plans and the love she felt for her boyfriend, which is reflected through a collection of photos of both, a year ago they would have announced their engagement, however, it all ended with a message.

One of the images from that great moment even showed Vitolo and Emmons lovingly gazing into each other’s eyes in a pose that revealed the engagement ring along with the description “My number one. Future husband and love of my life ”.

Likewise, other publications dedicated by Rachel to her fiancé are also appreciated, however, now the designer has been “traumatized” by the news, she revealed.

For her part, Katie Holmes, who just a year ago was married to actor Jamie Fox, and who was speculated would have been the actor’s constant infidelities that led to the breakdown of their marriage after six years, as revealed by the People magazine.


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