Katie Holmes spotted kissing musician Bobby Wooten III: 5 Things Know about Him


A new connection! Katie Holmes sparked relationship rumors after she was spotted on the PDA with musician Bobby Wooten III.

The 43-year-old actress was photographed kissing and holding hands with 33-year-old Wooten during a cute walk in New York on Thursday, April 27, in photos obtained by People.

Holmes and Wooten looked only at each other, enjoying a quiet walk and a trip to the Guggenheim Museum and Central Park. The Ohio native wore a jumpsuit over a white shirt and cardigan, while he chose a matching blue jacket over a button-down shirt.

The Dawson Creek graduate was released a year after her breakup with chef Emilio Vitolo. Rumors about the former couple’s romance first sparked rumors in September 2020. “There was no drama with the breakup,” an insider told us in May 2021. “Katie and Emilio really enjoyed their time together—it just didn’t work out.”.

In October 2021, another source hinted that Holmes was ready to meet someone special. “Katie went on some very modest dates, but nothing serious right now,” an insider shared at the time, noting that she “wasn’t focused on her personal life” because she was focused on “her career and being a single mother.”

Holmes was previously married to Tom Cruise from 2006 to 2012, and the former have a 16-year-old daughter.

The director told InStyle about motherhood in April 2020: “[I want to] make sure she’s 100 percent on her own, strong, confident and capable. And know it. She came out very strong — she has always been a strong personality,” she told the publication. “She will choose an occupation and will work until she becomes really good at it. Then she says, “OK, I’ll try the following.” She is very focused and hardworking.”

1. He has a musical background

During an interview with Bass Magazine in December 2021, Wooten spoke about his family’s connection to music. “My grandfather founded the Wooten Choral Ensemble in 1949,” he shared at the time. “I was born in New Jersey, and we lived there at the time when my father was doing pop music and working in the studio, and also played keyboards in Marcus Miller’s band.”

He added: “I completely learned to play the bass myself, having learned any songs I wanted. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stevie Wonder, and then a lot of Motown. So then I played keyboards and bass in church every week. I’ve never taken a bass lesson. until I went to college, where I studied double bass more.”

2. He is currently involved in Broadway productions.

The guitarist participated in “American Utopia” on Broadway and in “Moulin Rouge”! Musical.

“It will always be special for me that I performed in a Broadway show not as a character, but as myself,” he wrote on Instagram in March. “The curtain for #AmericanUtopia may close on April 3rd, but not for @bobbywooten3. Bobby will be writing music for his first film, Rare Objects, will return to his bass chair at @moulinrougebway and perform at @coachella with @carlyraejepsen (so call us, maybe?) 🌟 ».

3. He has worked with other famous stars

According to Wooten’s adjacent faculty profile on the NYU website, he has performed and recorded with David Byrne, Jennifer Lopez, Mac Miller, Jennifer Hudson, and Rick Ross. He also noted his composition and production credits for Empire and the project with Machine Gun Kelly.

In November 2020, Wooten joined Byrne during his Saturday Night Live performance alongside host John Mulaney.

4. He created a social platform

In June 2020, Wooten launched an Internet series in which the story is retold through the prism of Black in short videos.

“For the first time, I feel a glimmer of hope when it comes to race relations in America. People are starting to talk, and there seems to be a curiosity to find out. Since I myself really started learning about systemic problems in recent years, “I realized that a lot of what I was taught was overlooked, hidden, and sometimes even lied about very important details,” he wrote in a long post on Instagram the same month. “It was done to draw the narrative of a particular hero. To fix this, I decided to retell some stories, but from the point of view of people like me.”

Later, the Illinois native told how the Black Lives Matter movement inspired him to start a new venture.

“George Floyd was murdered, and I was protesting when it dawned on me: I thought I could do more than just be a body on the streets. With quarantine, I had more time, and I realized that I have a platform where people will listen,” he told Bass magazine. “I started thinking that everyone is sitting in their phones, and that’s how news is consumed now. There was a phrase “Listen and learn,” so I thought, OK, let’s see who’s listening.”

5. He received approval from Holmes’ mom

While walking with Katie, Wooten was seen hugging her mom Katie…