Kathy Griffin shared Johnny Depp’s theory: perhaps Winona Ryder and Kate Moss “changed melodies”


After Johnny Depp’s crushing victory in the libel lawsuit against Amber Heard, Kathy Griffin has officially expressed her thoughts. She’s friends with Heard, and she has a theory that some of Depp’s other ex-girlfriends aren’t entirely honest.

Speaking about the outcome of the trial, Griffin touched on Depp’s current appearance, his famous exes and why she thinks his former lovers can “just change their tune.”

Kathy Griffin: Johnny Depp’s Stans “refuse to show photos of how he looks now”

Griffin has targeted fans of the 58-year-old actor and his appearance in her public complaints about Depp’s lawsuit against Heard. In the Just Ask The Question podcast with Brian Karem, she said that Depp “will” talk about the star, but “refuses to show a photo of how he looks now, that is, a big, orange, fat, bloated booze bag.”

She also stated that twice the sexiest man alive “looks like Donald Trump with a ponytail.”

Griffin wasn’t finished there. She mentioned some of Depp’s other famous exes besides Heard and hinted at the rumors she had heard about him. And she shared the theory that his former mistresses have good reasons to lie about violence.

Kathy Griffin believes that Johnny Depp’s famous ex-girlfriends don’t want to get “Amber Heard”

According to Griffin, the outcome of the trial worried her on several levels. She explained, “It actually really bothers me as a woman and a lifelong feminist… [There have been stories around Hollywood] that [Depp] has been a rapist since Kate Moss, and this is the first time I’ve heard about it.”

“And then Winona Ryder when they were dating,” she said. She also claimed that Ryder changed Depp’s tattoo to the words “El Diablo”.

“Of course, I can’t speak for these women. But I have to wonder if they’re changing their tune just because they don’t want Amber Heard to be thrilled,” she concluded.

Johnny Depp’s ex-girlfriends have publicly stated that he did not show violence to them

Moss testified as Depp’s witness in the defamation trial. In her brief testimony, she denied that he pushed her down the stairs, as Heard testified that she was once told. She also appeared at one of Depp’s first post-trial concerts.

Earlier, Ryder commented on the accusations against Depp, saying that it was hard for her to believe them. “The idea that he is an incredibly violent man is the furthest thing from the Johnny I knew and loved,” she said in a statement to The Guardian. “I can’t wrap my head around these accusations.”

Ryder said Depp “has never, ever been violent… [and] has never, ever insulted” her at all, and added, “He has never been violent or abusive towards anyone I’ve seen.”

“I don’t want to call anyone a liar, but judging from my experience with Johnny, it’s impossible to believe that such horrifying statements are true. It really upsets me that I know him the way I am,” Ryder concluded.

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